The 24th! Annual SnowFlea TeleFest! February 21st-22nd-23rd - 2020!

An annual winter festival weekend of the ultimate in fun, food and freshies!

Snowflea Telefest is the only back country event in the Ontario Mid-west to offer telemark and snowshoe workshops for all ages. Held in the heart of the Lake Superior snow belt, fresh snow and lots of it is a given. We provide the accommodations, food, and music, and the happy comraderie makes it all happen!

Yes - there really is a little flea-like creature hardy enough to brave the coldest elements during deep winter to congregate and fraternize in the sunny snowdrifts. Our honourary mascot - the humble Snowflea - acortes nevicols - if human, would be capable of leaping a 12 story snowdrift in one single bound!

Depending on snow conditions and level of expertise of participants, we follow a schedule of workshops in the mornings, and tours in the afternoon, in the private backcountry where there are many runs to explore, deep in the hardwood mountains. Snowboarders are very welcome, but be aware you will need snowshoes for deep powder climbs back up the runs.

Dinners on Friday and Saturday are available at Bellevue Valley B&B, and we have a musical event on Saturday night. A hot lunch is provided here at Bellevue Valley B&B on Saturday and a packed lunch on Sunday.

We cap registration at 60 or so participants - so make sure you register early! There's lots of great places to stay within our local accommodation network, close to the centre of all the main activities and fun! Some accommodations for Snowflea Telefest participants are available on site. We will always refer you to a suitable place anytime we are at capacity.

Bring back-country ski equipment, clothes for all conditions, your lunch for Friday, snack foods for filling in the odd gaping hole and to contribute to the party. Some ski equipment and snowshoes available for rent, call the Lodge to inquire.